Advantages of kids learning Arts

Children usually love drawing, painting and singing. Normally when school cut back on budget arts are usually the first to go. The importance of Arts is generally omitted.

The human brain and arts

When we consider physiologically the human brain consist of two main parts- the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. The left is used for logical and analytical thinking process. This is what is used to train children in school it mainly consists of math, science and reading related subjects. While the right part of the brain is used for emotional perception and creativity. So it is the right side of the brain which is involved in creative endeavors and in the creation of art. Unfortunately this is the part that is tend to be neglected in school curriculum.

It was shown in a study that when gifted children are put to solve problems in their areas of giftedness there was activity is seen in both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Therefore the efficacy of the brain is said to be more efficient when both the hemispheres work together. So when you stimulate the right side of your brain by means of arts there is a connection formed between the hemispheres. This is why it is important to expose your kids to a wide variety of arts. This way they will develop their cognitive skills in line with the left side of their brains and thus they will reach their full potential of mind.

Children should get creative

When you expose your kids to arts they will think creatively and willhave an open mind. They will learn to observe,analyse and interpret. They will learn to express their feelings even without words. They also get skilled in dance, singing and theater. They begin to discover that there is always more than one right answer and there are multiple points of view. They also learn to collaborate with other kids and adults. Arts definitely builds confidence.

As a parent what you can do is. Always make arts and craft supplies available and accessible. Celebrate their hard work on drawing and save them so that your child feels that their work is important. Always read books to them about artists and other subjects. Notice the wide variety of arts around you like at the museums and parks. Learn to enjoy arts at home share your skills in music with your children for instance playing the piano with them. It is good way to find out what your kid might enjoy the most. If you children shows interest in music then enroll them to a class. Learning art is an amazing way to expand your child’s horizon in literature, dance and music.

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