Benefits of arts and crafts for kids

Kids love to get creative and also have fun, doing a variety of arts and crafts is a great way to achieve it. Along with enjoying themselves they also build their brain development.

The benefits they will gain

When kids engage in activities such as coloring, cutting, drawing and pasting they use both their hands this is called bilateral coordination. This is a very important skill that can be applied in areas such as writing, typing and many more. When they draw shapes and cut patterns they use their fine motor coordination which is similar to aspects in life such as dressing and eating. By counting pieces they learn basic math. When they experiment with different materials they learn science. When they engage in pasting activities it requires time and patience. Sometimes their crafts might not turn out the way they like, so it’s a great way to teach your children flexibility. Because you are never right or wrong when you are exploring your creativity.Although your kids might enjoy challenges it is important to choose the kinds of arts and crafts that are at their skill level. Because completing their crafts successfully will give them a sense of accomplishment and pride. With time you can add more and more challenges. Helping your children do crafts is also an amazing way to bond with them.

Things you should know

Fostering these creativity skills in your child will help them mentally, socially and emotionally. Creating art boosts children’s ability to analyze and also increases their problem solving sills.  Always set up an art space where the children are free to experiment and also get a bit messy. Make sure you have a table cloth or newspaper on your kitchen when they are on it. If it is a beautiful weather outside let them paint outside. Avoid giving direction, encourage them to experiment different techniques and colors on their own.

Always explore their process. Speak to your children and ask them why they painted a specific object and why they choose specific colors to understand their visual ideas. Because young children enjoy making and creating art, they absolutely enjoy talking about it and the activities involved in creating them. When they talk about it they learn new words continuously. It is agreat way to enhance their language development. They have the opportunityto learn about new colors, shapes and actions. One important thing to know is when your child has finished their art make sure you don’t suggestany changes, let it be. It important for them to feel as if they have created enough.

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