Effective Ways to Brand Your Corporate Event

Organising and running a corporate event of any scale is a massive commitment for any business. It not only requires a considerable financial investment, but also takes up a great amount of time and effort to plan and execute it. Ideally, a successful event is one where the company manages to achieve its set goal or objective. This could be a product or service launch, networking event or a cocktail for key business clients. However, the ultimate objective of any event must be to interact with the guests and build an impressive relationship. Branding plays key role in corporate events and it is essentially all about standing out from the crowd or leaving the invitees with an unforgettable experience. Keep reading to find out what goes into organising a great corporate event.

Choosing the Right Theme and Décor

Having the perfect ambience is essential to setting the right mood for your event. It can make a big difference to corporate venue spaces. Selecting the right décor also makes it possible for you to incorporate branding in creative and innovative ways. Logos are a great source of branding as they can be incorporated to many aspects of the event from the backdrop on the stage to even the plastic cups and napkins.


Stylish Uniforms and Well-groomed Event Staff

Another subtle way of branding is having the staff responsible for valet services, security and catering, wear uniforms that represent your brand. In this way, the company can gain great publicity as it is a sure way to get your logo noticed.

Specialty Menu Items

Customising the food and drinks at a corporate event also goes a long way in promoting your brand. It shows that the event organiser has put in a lot of effort and has great attention to detail, which takes the event to a whole new level. Integrating special items to the menu that compliments your brand or simply adding the company logo banner to the top of cupcakes are few ideas most corporates follow.  


Corporate Favours and Giveaways

Giving the attendees something to take home to remember the experience is a great branding tactic. The key thing to remember is that you need to know the audience well enough to tailor the contents to appeal to them. These goodie bags can incorporate samples from the product launch which the attendees can try at the event venue or take home with them. This is another great way of interacting with the guests and collecting first-hand feedback about the product. However, the type of event itself will tell if a goodie bag is an appropriate addition.



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