Marketing Essentials You Can Get From A Printing Company

In the age of online marketing and social media visibility, it might be tempting to overlook the obvious ways of promoting your business. There’s a reason why people have used printed advertisements for so long, even before the advent of business websites and e-commerce services. For one thing, they work! Shoppers are almost always stimulated by visual presence, so having these for your business would definitely improve sales in the long-run.You don’t have to worry about spending a hefty amount of your money to acquire the necessary products, as there is sure to be a service for printing in singapore that best fits your needs, and most importantly, your budget.

Here are a few marketing essentials you can (and should) get to help promote your business:

Small But Powerful

These are small and easy to hand-out to customers and passers-by. Buying them in bulk is a lot cheaper these days, which is definitely a steal if you want to make a lasting impression.

  • Customized Stickers – You can use them to personalize your products, your packaging, or you can give them out for free with every purchase. Make sure your company’s logo and name is clear, and attractive enough to put on anything.
  • Brochures – Have them near the counter so your customers can pick one up after a purchase, and read through the other products and services you offer. Casual window-shoppers can also get them for future reference, should they find a use for your products on another day.
  • Business Cards – These are key for making connections. Give them to people you meet, or to other businesses, so they know where to reach you if your services are needed.
  • Freebies – Give a free pen, keychain, or mug (embossed with your logo, of course) to loyal customers every now and then. Free stuff adds value to purchases and consumers alike, and they help spread the word about your business.

Large And Eye-Catching

These are the real attention-grabbers. Have these around your store to increase impressions and overall likeability.

  • Window Displays – Let your store greet your customers with a display of your best products or services. Make it bold and let it make a statement.
  • Roll-up Banners – Easy to set up and remove at any time. These let people see your store at a distance. Catchy taglines stick well to the brain.
  • Company Apparel – Have your employees show some company pride by giving them shirts that show your logo and business name. Let them have breaks outside so people see the shirts and their curiosities are piqued.
  • Display Stands – Good old-fashioned display stands always do the trick. Have them outside the storefront for random strollers to check out, without having to enter your store if they’re especially on a rush.A quick inquiry into the printing company’s other services can help you gauge your assets and figure out the right marketing tools for your business. Don’t be afraid to take risks – they’ll surely get you places!                                     

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