Take care of yourself while travelling

People travel every day; they travel from home to work, they go on trips and parents take kids to school and extracurricular activities. Singapore is a country where road accidents, especially fatal ones, are quite low. However that is no reason to ignore about taking care as much as you can, while travelling in the road. Be it you are a passenger in atrain or abus, driving yourself or going in a taxi, you have some responsibilities as well as things you can expect from a fellow traveler.


How does one get in an accident?


The main reason is not paying attention. We see youngsters looking at their mobile devices most of the time rather than looking where they are going. But when you are walking in a sidewalk even, that can lead to serious consequences. Even if it sounds funny, there are instances where one person, trying to cross a road has led to another swerving their car and hitting another and someone seeing it from a roadside house balcony, getting a heart attack and dying. Things like this have happened so it is not a good habit to ignore where you are going and just walk on assuming as long as you walk straight you will get to the destination.

Driving in the road


Traffic today, is insufferable at times. Most people have chosen to use public transportation due to the very reason that they have to spend a long time behind wheels. It would be taken out not from your office time, because you need to be there on time and leave only after spending the designated time period, but from the time you have to spend at home with your loved ones. It can have a great effect on your family life, children’s life and so on. On the other handif you try to drive too fast to get to somewhere, it can lead to unnecessary accidents and you will have to resort to vehicle accident claim Singapore to deal with the resultant situation. Therefore driving safe and being on time seem to be inversely related. But it doesn’t have to be; you need to assess the time duration and choose wisely when you get a job opportunity. Maybe you get a better salary but it cuts down the free time you have. So you need to decide which to give priority to.

Care for you; care for others


No religion has advised to harm anyone. As much as you love your life everyone loves theirs. So be very careful of where you are going. According to the neighbor test which comes in tort law, your neighbor is anyone who will be affected by your actions. That itself shows how significant a single human being is to the whole society. Hence do not ignore the responsibility you have to the society.



Walk and work with a clear mind. Whatever you do by doing it with a clear mind, being focused youcan achieve better results.



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